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Shipping & Returns

Cost of forwarding to foreign countries
Minimum forwarding charges for your order outside the Netherlands are € 5,00. The real forwarding charges depend on the weight and proportion of your order.
Forwarding charges include VAT.

Delivery periods
Nature Galerie ties to deliver the order within 5 working days at your premises. This is, however, dependent on the payment period of the purchaser.
Goods outside the Netherlands are generally provided within 5-10 working days.

Collecting your order yourself
It is possible to collect your order in Apeldoorn. As soon as your order is ready, we will contact you by telephone or by E-mail to make an appointment. It is possible to collect your order on Monday till Saturday between 10.00 and 20.00 hours (only by making an appointment).

Please note: when you collect your order in Apeldoorn you can pay CASH (no pin, no credit card, no cheques!)

What to do at return
If the products do not satisfy to your expectations, you can return them when unused and in original packaging.
When you cancel the order, after the order is sent to you, then is Nature Galerie is obliged you the forwarding charges.

Any cancellations of order(s) must be sent in writing to Nature Galerie. This is possible by means of E-mail, fax or posts. You must mention your complete name and invoice number in your written annulment in any case.

In order to be able to pay back already transferred (sums of) money (paying in advance) we need also your bank account number.
Customers outside the Netherlands must provide also the IBAN and BIC/Swift number of their own bank.
Please note: the account number supplied for the repayment must be the same account number which is used for the payment done to Nature Galerie. This is to prevent possible fraud with repayments.

Cooling period
You have a cooling period of 7 days in which you can return the product without further notice of the reason why. An exception is made for products assembled especially for you and/or for products especially ordered for you by Nature Galerie. The product can only be returned if the product is still unused and is packed in original, intact and unopened packing. You are liable for the forwarding and returning charges, these charges can not, in any case, be passed through to Nature Galerie.

Possibly already paid amounts are paid back to you within up to 14 days. These amounts will be lowered by foresaid forwarding and returning charges.

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