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Conditions of Use

1. General
1.1 These general conditions apply on all offers of Nature Galerie. The conditions are accessible for everyone, and on the internet site by Nature Galerie. On request we send you a written copy.
1.2 By placing an order you indicate you agree with the terms of delivery and payment. Nature Galerie has the right to modify the terms of delivery and/or payment after expiring the duration.
1.3 Nature Galerie guarantee that the provided product satisfies answered to the agreement and to the specifications mentioned in the offer.

2. Delivery
2.1 Delivery will be guaranteed subject to stock being available.
2.2 The delivery period amounts in most cases (if in stock) a maximum of 5 working days. Nature Galerie will pursue a delivery deadline of 1 working day. Nature Galerie will agree a delivery deadline of maximum 30 days. When the agreed delivery deadline is exceeded for any reason whatsoever, the purchaser has the right to annul the agreement and possible done payments to the purchaser are paid back within 14 days.
2.3 All (delivery) periods mentioned above are indicative. Therefore no rights can be granted to these (delivery) periods.

3. Pricing
3.1 Prices are not raised within the duration of the offer, unless legal measures make this necessary or if the manufacturer increases the prices during the delivery period. Price increases are passed through to the purchaser.
3.2 All prices on the site can be subject to typographical errors. For the impact of these errors no liability is accepted.
3.3 All prices on the site are in Euro and including 19% VAT.

4. Period of approval
4.1 After expiring a period of 7 working days after the date of order, the purchase contract becomes a fact.
4.2 Without any written notice otherwise, you do have the right to dissolve the purchase contract in writing and to return the order within the period of approval of 7 working days after reception of the goods without further notice of the reason why. Possible done payments (exclusively transmission costs) will be returned within 14 days.
4.3 When the product has been used and/or is damaged or the order is opened and/or is not returned in the original packaging, no repayments will be carried out.

5. Data management
5.1 If you place an order at Nature Galerie, your data is incorporated in the customer file by Nature Galerie. Nature Galerie obey the law about personal recordings and your data will not be supplied to third parties. See our Privacy Policy.
5.2 Nature Galerie respects the privacy of the users of the internet site and ensure a confidential treatment of your personal details.
5.3 Nature Galerie use in some cases a mailing list. Each mailing contains instructions to remove yourself of the list.

6. Guarantee
6.1 Nature Galerie guarantees that its provided products comply to the requirements of usability, reliability and life span, which can be reasonably meant by both parties of the purchase contract and comply herewith to the factory guarantees of the product provided to you.
6.2 The guarantee period of Nature Galerie comply to the factory guarantee period. This guarantee does not apply in case the defect can be blamed to 1. with holded care, or 2. intentional damage, or 3. inattention.
6.3 Liability or guarantee expires if third parties, other than the manufacturer and/or designated/repairing services has committed convalescences or other activities to the product.

7. Offers / Tenders
7.1 Tenders are without engagement, unless it has been mentioned differently in the tender.
7.2 Nature Galerie preserves itself the right to revoke or modify the offer at acceptance or an offer by the purchaser within the period of 3 working days after reception of that acceptance.
7.3 Verbal agreements are valid only after these agreements are explicitly confirmed by Nature Galerie in writing.

8. Agreement
8.1 An order or agreement between Nature Galerie and a customer can only be effected after this order/agreement has been assessed by Nature Galerie on its feasibility.
8.2 Nature Galerie preserve it selves the right to reject orders or agreements without any statement of reasons under the condition that the sending occurs after payment in advance.

9. Images and specifications
9.1 All images photographs, drawings, data concerning weights, dimensions, colours, images of labels, etc. on the internet site by Nature Galerie applies are indicative and can be no reason to violate or dissolve the agreement.
9.2 Because Nature Galerie is working with nature products, each article can be different, also the motive on the crystal and porcelain can be different than is shown on the pictures.

10. Force majeure
10.1 Nature Galerie is not responsible, if and as far as its obligations cannot be complied with as a result of force majeure.
10.2 Under force majeure is understood each strange cause, as well as each circumstance, that can not, within reason, be the resonsibility of Nature Galerie. Delay of in performance by our subcontractors, logistic problems, strikes, government measures, delays in the supply, failures of suppliers and/or manufacturers of Nature Galerie as well as of third parties, sickness of staff, lacks in aid or means of transport are considered explicitly as force majeure.
10.3 Nature Galerie preserve it selves the right in case of force majeure to suspend its obligations and is also entitled to annul the agreement entirely or partially, or to modify the contents of the agreement in any penalties or compensation fees.

11. Liability
11.1 Nature Galerie is not responsible for any damage to vehicles or other objects originated by wrong use of the product(s). Read carefully the instructions and indications on packaging and/or consult our internet site before using the product(s).

12. Authoritative right / court of justice
12.1 The Dutch law applies on all agreements.
12.2 In case of a dispute resulting from an agreement between Nature Galerie and purchaser, who in mutual consultation cannot be solved, the court of justice within the district Zutphen is consulted, unless Nature Galerie prefer the court of justice of the place of residence of the purchaser will be applied, and with exception of those disputes which belong to the competency of the cantonal judge.

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